About us

DORRE Stéphane
June 1st 1992
Graduated UTBM
photo_quentinSCHULZ Quentin
April 18th 1993
Curriculum Vitae
Seeking :
°Embedded software engineer
°Embedded software engineer
Describe yourself Stéphane! Passionate about technology, I like the constant development in the field. With some ideas and a strong motivation, we can make huge things.

I own:
Motorola Moto E 2015: CM13
Rapsberry pi: rasbian
Home made PC with 2nd hand parts:
(Phenom II X4 945, 8Go, Ati 7770) : Win7, Linux Voyager, Debian, …

What best describes your character:

I particularly like what is about DIY. It’s just incredible how many things you can do with just 2 hands and some ideas.

I started in mechanics with a moped from 1952 (which is now working again!), then I came on recovery of different stuffs (draft-beer system, stereo amplifier, speakers, …) and now, I am mostly doing things related to computer science and electronics like home automation or robotic.

What made you like Computer Science:

When I started to search help for my moped repair. The sharing spirit on forums was really awesome. When you want to start a new project whatever it is, you will always find someone who already built something or thought about this idea. There so many talented people around and more than happy to help. It’s just amazing and allow you to progress on our project and on your skills.

Your hobbies:

Sport (swimming, hiking, volley), DIY, travelling, cooking!

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Describe yourself Quentin!Started with computers when I was 7 years old with my first one. Think work should be seen as knowledge sharing. Former high level basket-ball player with sense of responsibility, autonomy and team spirit.

I own:

Lenovo S440; Win8 & Xubuntu 13.10
HP Pavilion p6142fr; Win7 & Mint 16
Raspberry Pi B-512Mo; OwnCloud & OpenElec
Samsung Galaxy SII : CM11 (4.4.2)

What best describes your character:

Fascinated by everything which is related to Computer Science and hacking. Very curious, like to learn by myself, patient, autonomous and responsible.

What made you like Computer Science:

My love for computer science really started when I started to hack my Motorola Milestone and learn to develop Android applications. Also the help and the easy way to find solutions on Internet. Programming exploration in high school on EASY PIC boards.

Your hobbies:

Sport globally, cinema, tech related news…

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