[Linux] Debug your own programs [GDB/Valgrind]

I wrote this article first in French just after sending my school projects at the end of the semester. And who says projects, says a lot of bugs and plenty of crashes and here I come like a hero to write a little memo and even help you to best understand how to debug your projects (for now, we’ll only talk about C languages, maybe there will be more languages in the future, who knows?). When you face this kind of problem (and you know, you face it EACH TIME you develop something whatever the language is), there is two kind of people:

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[X/K/L/Ubuntu] Handle multi-screen on Linux

Hi dear reader,

For my first article (in English), I will briefly talk about a nice discovery for double monitoring on Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu… (hence the title!). It may work on other distributions, if it is the case, please leave us know it.

Little introduction (useless but put yourself in the context of this wonderful discovery): I installed Xubuntu 12.10 (okay, was not yesterday) on my old laptop and went to my CS TP. Switched on the provided PC but it crashed on the BIOS, what a shame! So I took my laptop and you know, there is nothing better than a dual screen for working efficiently! There the adventure begins.

Facts: I boot with the screen already plugged in or plug it later (on HDMI or VGA), at best the second screen is in mirroring state, at the worst not switched on.

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